A much bigger dinner table was needed…

Our apologies for the delay in getting a blog post up…we’ve been doing a bit of cooking and prep work.  We had a few people over for dinner again.  We’re kind of getting partial to having that happen.

This time, though, we were blessed to host the Alliance Academy International Faculty and Staff Retreat out at Calacali.  We haven’t yet introduced you thoroughly to Calacali, but, trust us, we’ll have a lot to say about it soon.

In the meantime, a brief introduction…Calacali is a small village outside the city of Quito.  It is about a 35-40 minute drive from the school, and, in that time, you go from concrete mayhem to mountain air, scented with pine and eucalyptus.  For us, stepping foot on the property owned by the school is like walking into northern Minnesota in the fall, minus the autumn colors.  It drips of peaceful serenity…but, we’re a little biased.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to live on this piece of property and base our ministry from this location.  We have been working on moving and setting up our “home” onsite, securing internet, organizing, envisioning, dreaming…the list goes on.  BUT, this past weekend, we had 200-250 people over for dinner!  🙂  The school owns the property – what a better way to use it?

So, we had a bit of preparation time – a few days here and there…

Making steps

Making steps

Digging out ping pong tables

Digging out ping pong tables

Conquering trees - and heights!

Conquering trees – and heights!








We had prayed for a family ministry opportunity that would include serving side by side…

88 lbs of papas underway

88 lbs of papas underway


IMG_7319 IMG_7314 IMG_7322

 The kids weren’t so sure working with 88lbs of potatoes was what God had in mind.


Let me just say, I will never again underestimate the multiplication factor of the soaked bean.  Note to self…cut the quantity in half.

Ecuadorian can opener

Ecuadorian can opener

We finished preparations of food and moved on to tables, chairs, and tent set up.  Brad and the boys can easily find work as roadies for these Ecuadorian tent masters…they appreciated not having to move ladders around the perimeter – just stick a Bierle on a corner!

IMG_7327 IMG_7326

IMG_7329 IMG_7330


Grills are scrubbed and ready for hotdogs and meat!


Last minute scavenger hunt plans are finalized with help from the Butler kids…


Let the festivities begin!  God provided a beautiful day with lots of opportunities for fun and fellowship.  All the work was well worth the sounds of happy children playing soccer, adults chatting in various groups, teens hanging and helping, and the camaraderie of a team that pulled together to strive for a common goal – a peaceful family day in the country.  I only wish I had pictures of the men who were grilling, the kids filling lemonade, the multiple desserts that were brought,Brad leading a devotion to all the staff, and all the various pockets of people gathered in different areas.

Morning Pristinos (fried bread)

Morning Pristinos (fried bread)

IMG_7351 IMG_7343 IMG_7342 IMG_7341

Dale Groeneweg, our Calacali mentor and friend, with Brad during afternoon ice cream…

Scooping afternoon ice cream

Scooping afternoon ice creamIMG_7348

The last bus heads out, and a successful retreat is in the books.

Bus #1 pulling out

Bus #1 pulling out

Our dinner table probably won’t include 200+ people again for quite some time, but we will certainly  have many fond memories of our first big event here at Calacali.  We know God will bring many, many people to Calacali, and we pray that each person who comes will find respite, relaxation, and rest on the ROCK on which we stand.

9 thoughts on “A much bigger dinner table was needed…

  1. Pamela Opland

    THX! for including me! So good to see the pix and hear of your activities! Yes, cooking for camp meals and menue prep is an activity I have had experience in – thinking of the adjustment for you in prepping from a grocery you are not familiar with as well! Appreciate the challenge it is for you. Think of you often! Know you will be spreading JOY as you go! Pamela

    1. Sarah Post author

      It was a good experience to figure out what ingredients could be substituted, converting recipes to the metric system – all great skills to acquire. Trial by fire! :). Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Martha

    Looks like it ended up going wonderfully!! So happy for you guys…but miss you tons! You guys are always pros at setting up tents! 🙂
    You could probably start a restaurant with all of the potatoes and prep!

  3. Connie

    Hey Bierles!!!
    Kids and I might come to Ecuador on a tour…please provide your email so I can touch base! Blessings on your dear family!
    Connie Sweatman

  4. Paul and Tress

    Dr Don and Vernee presented a wonderful Sunday service for us. We had almost 3 dozen folks including 11-12 young people from a local Methodist church. We are Blessed to be working for the Lord here in the Black Hills.
    Praying for your ministry down there.

    Paul and Tress

  5. Tim White

    Hey Jacob!!! Congrats on making the team! I look forward to playing with you on the left side of the infield again next year!!!

    – Tim


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