The faces of Calacali

We are in the midst of a wonderful time with Brad’s parents who have joined us in Ecuador for two weeks…a mix of work and play. Brad’s dad is speaking in a number of venues, sharing with Alliance Academy International students in Biology and Bible classes as well as area pastors, staff, and faculty.  Cape, Josh’s friend from Sioux Falls, was also able to travel down with them, and they have been enjoying  an assortment of play along with a mission project of trail blazing up on the mountain.  The time is flying!

While the boys are all hiking up the mountain, I thought I’d take a bit of time to share with you a few faces of the special people who have blessed us with their presence here at the discipleship and ministry center.  We have been able to host a variety of people, from Alliance Academy International staff and families, to church youth groups, to leadership trainings.  Here is just a sampling!

AAI family

IMG_7492 IMG_7862Travis family IMG_7708 IMG_7707 IMG_7706IMG_7594  IMG_8458 IMG_8137  IMG_7881IMG_7245 IMG_7272 



Caretaker Jorge and his father Jose Maria


AAI Soccer team


Mennonite church youth group


AAI 5th graders


Celebrating Jorge’s birthday


Alposento Alto youth group

Carmen Bajo church and Compassional International kids

IMG_8782 IMG_8777 IMG_8765 IMG_8763 IMG_8760 IMG_8759 IMG_8758 IMG_8747 IMG_8746 IMG_8745 IMG_8744 IMG_8742 IMG_8741 IMG_8739

We have been blessed greatly by all the faces that grace this property and trust that the Lord will do a mighty work in the lives of each and every one of these people .  God’s glorious creation is the perfect setting to draw people closer to him as the evidence of his magnificent glory is all around us.  We pray that all who set foot on this special place may feel his presence in a tangible way.



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