Letting them fly

There comes a time in every mom’s life when she has to let her kids learn how to fly.  Well, that time is literally tonight as we are putting our two boys on a plane at 11:55pm to travel to the United States.  We thought it would be a great idea to not only have them fly by themselves for the first time ever, but to also do it internationally, overnight, without a phone, just to make it interesting.


Yep, that’s just how we roll.  Or, how life works out sometime.  Jacob is returning to the States a bit early to start baseball, and, rather than have him travel alone, we thought it would be best to send Joshua with him for protection, companionship, one more brain to make sure they can get from point A (Quito, Ecuador) to point B (Minneapolis, MN) with little to no problems in between.  Never mind the fact that it will take three legs of flights to get them to their final destination…that’s a total of up and down six times for those of you keeping track at home.  It will involve pockets with velcro and zippers to hold passports and boarding passes which can so easily become misplaced when you are sleep deprived while crossing the deep, black ocean at o’ dark thirty of any hour.  It will entail going through customs, which is why we have decided to not send any machetes or knives home this time around.  It will include being back in the land of Burger King and real donuts that can be accessed shortly after arriving in the Houston airport, with the only limit to gorging one’s self is the fact that Mom and Dad will institute a “per diem” allowance and there is no sense using the second zippered pocket for excess amounts of cash when we already have to be extra careful in keeping track of what is in the OTHER pocket.   Finally, it will mean that the assertiveness training may come into play if any flight is delayed, cancelled, or has some other schedule mismanagement which would result in two phoneless teenage boys (yes, the world is still spinning on its axis despite how we mistreat these young men by not giving them a phone which, by the way, wouldn’t work in the US anyway) needing to approach a complete stranger and ask to borrow a phone for a quick call to a relative in the states since they will be unable to quickly reach their parents who are in a FOREIGN country and wouldn’t be able to help them unless the internet is really free as they claim it is on the website of the Houston airport.

<Insert deep breath here>

Yep, it’s time to let them fly.  I know they will be responsible, careful young adults as they traverse two continents tomorrow night and into most of the next day.  They are heading out on a great adventure that, in itself, will be a great memory maker for the two of them together.  I realize they are not the first adolescents to jump a plane and head out into the great unknown.  But, they are my boys, and this is a first for them, and for me as a mom.  But, we’ll navigate through it, and I fully trust that God has them in his hands, protecting and cherishing them.

That being said, I’d sure appreciate your prayers for their safety…and maybe one or two for mom (and dad) for peace and calm hearts while they travel and through our separation.  We’ll be blessed to join them in early June when we’ll be reunited as a family until we return to Ecuador in early August, traveling TOGETHER that time.

They’ve had eight months chocked full of adventures and opportunities –

They’ve worked:

IMG_8143   IMG_8151 IMG_8210  IMG_7278 IMG_7660  IMG_7953 IMG_7310  IMG_7311

They’ve played:

IMG_7296  IMG_8228 IMG_7807  IMG_7816 IMG_7824  IMG_7894IMG_7878

They’ve traveled:

IMG_8330  IMG_8269    IMG_7373


IMG_8406  IMG_8370    IMG_7779    IMG_7034     IMG_7829   IMG_9515       IMG_6890            IMG_6889

 Oh, yeah…they’ve completed a year of schoolwork:

IMG_7554  IMG_9297

They’ve relished the opportunities:

   IMG_9655   IMG_8799IMG_8221  IMG_8204IMG_9687  IMG_8203IMG_8232 IMG_8088 IMG_8040   IMG_7941 IMG_7763

We’re going to miss them when they’re gone.  May God be with all of us until we meet again.

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Oh Lord, will keep me safe.  Psalm 4:8



6 thoughts on “Letting them fly

  1. Paul Anderson

    Gracious Heavenly Father….We come today asking for Your hand of comfort first of all for Mom and Dad as they are concerned for the safe travel of Jacob and Josh. We pray for travel mercies and safe journey for them. It will certainly be an adventure for them Lord so just keep Your hand on them as they go. In the Powerful name of Your Son Jesus…Amen

  2. Lori Spinella Beverage

    Sarah…You’ve done a great job…and God has their back…and front. No worries. (Been there, done that…. ) Prayers going up for you and them… from MA.

  3. Bev

    Sarah – hopefully you can, indeed, rest in peace while they travel. I know your Mom-heart all too well, and it doesn’t get much easier as time goes by – BUT GOD is always faithful and will protect those guys. They have already broadened their life experiences so much … and this experience will only make them better, will help to grow them from boys to men. 🙂 Hang in there, Mama (& Papa).

  4. Renee

    I understand the emotions – Adrianne will be flying ALONE this August to the states! If it is any consolation the WiFi in Houston REALLY is free! I pray they made it safely.

  5. Betty

    Sarah–Your words are like a ray of sunshine on this rainy day! In my mind’s eye I can just see those two capable, mature young men making this journey, confident in the Lord as He guides their every step! It will be SO GOOD to see all of you! These ‘Blogs’ are wonderful–you have a Gift for writing, and the pictures bring us right into your world! You are always in my prayers–and I’m SO ready for some big Hugs:)


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