We saw God today

In a little over a week, Brad, Tess, and I will head back to the States.  Our boys are already well immersed in the American culture, feasting on foods they have not had for ten months, and fully enjoying the joys of the much-beloved idiot box television.  From afar, it appears that they have re-acclimated nicely, and are treasuring their time with family and friends.

We are deeply excited to join them.  We are anxious to see all of our loved ones, have a Starbucks coffee, enjoy some creature comforts that we may miss here, and get reacquainted.

But, honestly, I think it is going to be WEIRD.

Not in a bad way…just different.  I’m not totally sure what to expect.  We’ve gotten used to some things here that we absolutely love.  We miss some things from our previous home.  Put that all together, mix it up, and I’m not sure what is going to happen once we get feet back on the ground in the good ol’ US of A.  People talk about culture shock and that it happens in both directions.  Our boys have eluded to a few observations they have made already, so we’ll need to debrief to see if it truly is a reality for us.  In the meantime, we’ll embrace the time we have together, revel in being with fellow believers, and reminisce about the simple and blessed life we have experienced over the past months.

While we’ve been in Ecuador, we’ve been working on being intentional in slowing down from the hectic pace of life, building relationships, listening to God’s voice, and living in the moment.   It’s often not easy – we get caught up in the “busy-ness” here just like everyone else.  It takes practice to remember, first and foremost, that we are put on this earth to bring people to Christ and serve others.  By taking away all the “noise” and seeing God’s fingerprints in our life, we are more apt to be focused on the true things that matter.  As we become more aware of what is going on around us, and how God is at work in each and every moment, we become less self-centered and inwardly focused.  We start to see the beauty in even the smallest of things, which, in turn, makes him even more real and brings us into His presence.

How do we see Him at work?

It’s full moons and cotton candy clouds at sunset…

IMG_7577 IMG_7574

It’s horseback riding thanks to friends who share their expertise.

IMG_7536   IMG_9441

It’s spending an entire day setting up a created game with just the supplies you have – and making it work.


It’s dogs you love and an extra who takes your bed.

IMG_7867     IMG_8223

It’s working on projects that someday will make a difference.

IMG_8151   IMG_8157 IMG_7281

It’s drinking Coke out of real glass bottles.


Sleepovers in the prayer cabin,


and Superbowl drawings on the whiteboard.


It’s about watching luminescent hummingbirds actually land…


and playing extreme croquet.


It’s taking time to pet the dog…


and watch the art of a hard day’s work,


It’s taking time to wait for your alpha male to come home.


And a cozy fire.


It’s seeing a baby calf within a half hour of its birth, and watching it stand for the very first time…

IMG_9730 IMG_9750

And playing guitar by yourself, or for others…

IMG_9715     IMG_9752

It’s doing schoolwork on the porch swing on a beautiful day…


Or homemade donuts for breakfast, fried two at a time…

IMG_9641  IMG_9638

It’s colorful quilts blowing in the breeze…

IMG_9636 IMG_9709 IMG_9633

Taking time to swing and hike –

IMG_9461    IMG_9455

Stopping to notice the colors that are painted in the landscape,

IMG_9907  IMG_9879

It’s not being fazed by a traffic jam of an unexpected sort…


Or having a different than normal view on your walk to town…


It’s having to slow the pace to get where you want to go, and enjoying the roads (steep as they are) as you meander your way to the destination…


Sometimes, just living a simple life helps us treasure every moment as it happens.  It is learning to see the beauty in the day to day, in the normal, in the now.  You don’t have to go to Ecuador to find it.  It’s about being intentional with everything you do and say.  It’s about seeing the Creator in the creation.  It’s how God intends us to live.

Just look around and see how the Creator is calling you to Himself.  He’s just waiting for you to notice.

Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the splendor and the majesty, for everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to You.  Yours, Lord, is the kingdom and You are exalted as head over all.  1 Chronicles 29:11

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