Letting Them Fly…Year Two

Last night, we put our boys back on a plane again to send them off to the United States. We’re excited because they get to attend my niece’s confirmation before they head to Sioux Falls where Jacob will start baseball practice and Josh will search for ways to supplement his lack of income.dropping off

Almost a year ago to the date, I posted my feelings and reactions on Letting Them Fly.  As I read through my old musings earlier today, I realize not much has changed.  It is still hard to see the children you are raising walk from the normal, everyday life to the unknown of something new. While it is exciting to see them do things on their own and experience amazing adventures, a piece of your heart travels with them wherever they go.

Honestly, this morning, as I followed their flights with my United app, and conversed with them a bit through Google hangouts at 6:30am (thank you, technology!) I was struck, as a mom, to the importance of relationship, not only with our family, but also in terms of our Christian walk.

  • I wonder if He holds his breath as we turn and walk away, going away from the safe and into the new.
    • I wonder if He breathes a sigh of relief when we reach out to communicate and share the joys of little things, like Subway sandwiches at 5:30 in the morning.
      • I wonder if He waits, somewhat impatiently, to hear from us, when there has been down time and loss of communication.
        • I wonder if He watches helplessly as we negotiate and seek direction when obstacles, hardships, and change of plans come our way.
          • I wonder if He has tears in his eyes when, once again, He hears our voice and knows we are safe in His arms.

Since God created us with a free will, I am sure He longingly watches us as we wander from adventure to adventure, making good and bad choices, while silently begging us to seek Him through it all.  We have options – daily – little moments where we can seek God in order to go deeper, build stronger roots, look to His promises, and rest in Him.  Some days, we just coast along, barely calling on Him, trusting in our own instincts and plans.  Then, as life continues to happen, we often are faced with the realization that we can’t go it alone, we need support, and He anxiously and eagerly awaits our choice to invest in communication with Him.

Daily, I realize that it takes discipline to walk with Him
in the good, the bad, and the normal.

As our boys travel and have a few weeks of separation from us, life just won’t feel right.  When tragedy happens to someone we love, cancer comes, or injuries occur, our normal gets all mixed up.  In the same way, if we are separated from our heavenly Father, by sin, lack of prayer time, and not seeking Him first, everything will be off kilter and hectic.  Only by establishing a consistent, disciplined, and purposeful relationship with Christ will separations, hurt, and pain decrease because we can rest in the hands of the One who hears us, comforts us, and holds us – in the good, the bad, and the normal.

I know the Lord is always with me.  
I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. Psalm 16:8 (NLT)

My prayer today is that we, myself included, can put Him first and seek multiple daily interactions with Him.  May we work intentionally to build that closeness so when life throws crazy mis-adventures our way, the solid foundation of our faith in Christ can be our anchor and shelter.

Anxiously awaiting our family reunion…in the here and now, and ultimately, in our eternal heavenly home!

Blessed to be His,


PS.  Thanks so much for all the prayers after my interaction with the pavement last weekend.  I am slowly getting less sore in my ribs and sternum, my wrist is itching like crazy so we know it is healing, and I’m only somewhat looking like I mistakenly put my makeup below my eye rather than on my lids.  Thankful for healing in the hands of the Great Physician!

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