Writing woes

Well, as you can see (or at least read), my last post was how I was back in Ecuador and ready to write.  Yep, ready to write...what I didn’t expect was the obstacles that I would need to overcome in order to actually do what I said.  Fall 2015 019To start, we moved to a new apartment and have been struggling with internet since we signed our (of course) one year contract. Seems as if our modem is only compatible with a certain number of devices being on at one time (typically excluding mine), or only ones that don’t have Windows 10 (mine does), or only a combination of certain number of laptops and tablets (including briefly but more likely excluding mine), or only when the moon is in its 4th quadrant, before midnight, on the 5th day of the month, and, then, only letting me connect for one hour (if I’m lucky).  So, yeah, internet has been a problem.Fall 2015 274

Secondly, my computer crashed partway through last year and we managed to squeak by until late this summer when I purchased a new Dell laptop right before our return to Ecuador.  This computer would be shared by Tessa and myself, providing opportunity for her to do her schoolwork and me to do my work, blogging, and the all important Facebook perusal.  This device was my third attempt over the summer to attain a working laptop, as the previous two tries had compatibility issues with my photo software, and had to be returned.  So, this laptop only got out of the box long enough to make sure it started, and then off it went into the backpack to start its travels to Ecuador (hindsight is 20/20).

Fall 2015 162

Needless to say, I’ve talked on the phone more with Dell support since we’ve returned here than I have to my own mother.  Interestingly enough, my support technician’s name is Karen (my mom’s name), so I can appease the discrepancy simply by reminding myself that I am, indeed, speaking with Karen.  Anyway, she’s a lovely gal, working with me over the internet airwaves (when they work and patiently waiting when they don’t) fixing my laptop to allow me to use the entire keyboard instead of just the right side (try that for awhile – you will find that you do need the vowels “a” and “e” every once in awhile when creating words), reinstalling the entire operating system at least twice, replying to my daily correspondence with the attached file indicating how many times the pretty blue screen came to visit, and, now, sending recovery media to a hotel, to reach our Development Director, Wendy, who in turn was returning to Quito, so she could place this lovely little jump drive into my hands.  Now, the little miracle device sits nicely on my desk as we await the verdict of whether or not the actual modem is causing all these nice little issues, or if I should, once again, start from scratch and rebuild this crazy laptop yet again.

Fall 2015 195If only this type of experience could somehow make me an expert in something computer related.  Instead, it has tested and tried my patience and, believe it or not, sometimes my mood has, maybe, once or twice, reflected a teeny tiny not so pleasant attitude in dealing with this irritant on a day to day basis.  I know none of you reading this can relate to this, but, I am just keepin’ it real. Transparency, folks.  We need more of it.

But, I digress. So, yes, internet and computer woes have complicated the blogging updates.  But, in addition, I have found that there is one other little factor that seems to be a bit of an issue with time management.

It’s called WORKING.

I feel like I have been in the work force for oodles of years in some sort of capacity.  Sometimes it was official, occasionally it was paid, but, in my later years, it has often been from home.  So, this year, I have taken on a more formal, some may even call it official, role at Alliance Academy International, and, well, it has kicked my butt to-do list up a whole new level.

Some recent enlightenments:

  • It’s been quite a while since I have had to get up and out of the house every morning by a set time for a specific reason
  • I have underestimated the amount of clothing decisions that need to be made, mostly revolving around what shoes can be worn for the 25 minute walk down to school and the 35 minute walk back up.
  • I wish I had garanimals to match up the limited clothing options I do have.  There aren’t near enough jean days on the weekly schedule.SEW Sept 2015 210
  • Two children still schooling at home and the middle doing one semester at AAI, complete with volleyball practices from 6:30 to 8pm at night has wreaked havoc on menu planning, food prep, grocery shopping, protein-filled snacks, and cooking all the food that needs to be made from scratch…
  • Laundry…
  • Oh, yeah, there’s that whole waiting to see what happens with this volcano eruption thing…Fall 2015 178

Well, let’s just say, I have a whole new appreciation for women who work OUTSIDE the home, who manage to at least appear like they are all put together in the morning, and somehow manage to feed their family more than dry bread and cereal (which, for the record, is ridiculously expensive so not a staple in this house…one more extenuating complication in the food department).

Fall 2015 113But, honestly, we’re finally now settling into a bit of a routine (two months in!), ebbing and flowing with the various hiccups that inevitably occur with a family of five, and we strive to continue to “keep the main thing the main thing” – serving side by side to further God’s kingdom in our little corner of the world here in Ecuador.

I hope to share with you in the weeks to come (internet and laptop willing…) what our picture of serving currently looks like, and how you can pray for us (and others!) along the way.  So, stay tuned and I’ll do my best to navigate through these obstacles in order to fill in some details of our life here down south of the equator.

Grateful to be partnering with you all,


May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.
1 Corinthians 1:3 (NLT)

5 thoughts on “Writing woes

  1. Paul

    Sarah, Just a quick note to sympathize with you regards technology. I is so great when it works and so frustrating when it does not.
    You know by now we have a Pastor and have had 3 services with him in the pulpit. What a blessing he is and God has been so good to Shiloh Free here in the Black Hills. Praying for you and your ministry.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks for your note! Brad and I are so thrilled for you all at Shiloh and are excited to hear more about how God has been at work out there. Thbak you for being obedient to his calling and faithful to laying a foundation to be built upon… With the Lord’s hand guiding you for sure!!! He is so good! Praying for you guys as well and trust our paths to cross again. God bless you both!

  2. Betty

    So good to hear from you! You’re a real trooper to keep working out the glitches in your technical world-I’m afraid my patience would wear too thin!
    I’m eager to hear about the work you’re doing at the Academy. They are absolutely Blessed to have you!
    Thanks for sending pictures! Ecuador is a beautiful place, and it’s wonderful to see your faces! Please give the family my love, and know you are Always in my daily prayers!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Oh, Betty. We’ve been so neglecting keeping up with you! Thank you for the special times this summer. I need to get some pictures to you as soon as I have consistent internet! Think of you often and so appreciate your prayers and encouragement! Miss you!

  3. Denita Dinger

    how did I miss this hilarious entry ( you were wanting your audience to laugh (sensitively, of course!!!) ) I love your blog Sarah, and appreciate every single post you are able to write!! Thank you!!!


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