Snapshots of Summer

*At the most recent meeting of NBA (Neglectful Bloggers Anonymous)…*

Hi.  I’m Sarah and it’s been six months since my last blog post.

“Hi, Sarah”


My deepest apologies.  It probably has seemed like we have, more or less, dropped off the face of the earth.  Rest assured, we haven’t.  Life has continued on as it always does and blog posts sometimes just don’t make the cut when prioritizing how to spend our days. While the road is paved with good intentions, the internet and computer access seem to be constantly under construction.

While the last few months have been a bit of a settling in period for getting used to “daily life without Josh” (more on that transition in an upcoming post), we had a wonderful summer filled with tons of time around family and friends.  Through graduation parties and baseball games, we crossed paths with many people who made a huge effort to make us feel welcome and loved in our respite months of summer. Here’s a sampling of some of the memories…

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As we reflect back on all the people we were able to see, we see how blessed we are to have such a diverse group of people who share in our ministry and support us in so many ways. We are thankful for each and every one of you…pictured or not!

Stay tuned for future posts about some other summer activities, updates about Josh and our family, and what is happening here at Alliance Academy International.  I promise it won’t be six months until the next communication. Until then…


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